Establishing labour market forecasts and  foreseeing  structural changes

Priority project TÁMOP - 2.3.2-09/1

The objective of this project is to establish a reliable forecast and to convey the results to all interested parties including job-seekers, future employers, employment and educational policy makers and strategists. The main task is to create a system (a model framework and a databank) that is apt at producing reliable forecasts and also to build up an information network that utilizes the results of the forecasts. Our analysis will integrate past trends and expectations of the Hungarian economy with an increased awareness of the possible breaks and changes in the future patterns of development.

With detailed analysis and comparison of both the demand and supply of labour, including indicators for the probability of placement, the project will strive to help institutions that aim to gauge and mediate labour market demands and to support job-seekers.

TÁMOP’s planned forecasts and the service based on them will contribute to bringing balance to the demand and supply of the labour market. It will provide valuable help to career starters or changers in making informed decisions. It will also guide educational strategy and refine the expectations of employers.

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A kutatás az MTA Közgazdaság- és Regionális Tudományi Kutatóközpont Közgazdaság-tudományi Intézet TÁMOP-2.3.2-09/1-2009-0001 kiemelt projekt (amely az Európai Unió és a Magyar Állam támogatásával, az Európai Szociális Alap társfinanszírozásával valósul meg) Munkaerő-piaci előrejelzések készítése, szerkezetváltási folyamatok előrejelzése című program keretében készült.